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One of the most recent trends is the use of the best memory foam mattress toppers to make one's bed more comfortable to sleep in.

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Buy Now from Amazon Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this memory foam mattress topper is what Cloud9 refers to as "Featherlight" technology, which is exclusive to their line of toppers.

Buy Now from Amazon This isn't a thick mattress topper, which means that it's not going to have a high weight limit.

It is priced on the low-end though which makes it a budget-friendly buy for anyone that's trying to make their bed feel as comfortable as possible.

The ideas is to make it feel as if you are floating on a cloud.

Those who didn't follow the recommendations (2" if you're 200 pounds or less, 3" if you're 200 pounds or more, and 4" for those weighing more than 250 pounds).

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